The Big Issue Foundation

Founded in 1995, The Big Issue Foundation offers people who are homeless the opportunity to earn their own money and secure a livelihood for themselves. The Foundation is as an independent charity, and their dedicated team works tirelessly to help homeless people deal with the issues that have caused their homelessness, as well as any issues that have developed as a result of them living on the streets for a prolonged period of time. The charity operates an open door policy and works with individuals who've taken the first step towards asking for help to try and work themselves out of homelessness.

Did you know...

The Big Issue newsletter is a well-recognised magazine; written and produced by the Foundation, and sold to market by homeless people themselves. Big Issue vendors buy the magazines for £1.25 and sell them on the streets for £2.50 (at their own profit/loss). As a separate social enterprise, any profit made from the magazine goes straight back into producing the next magazine.

As a separate charity, The Big Issue Foundation are not the financial beneficents of magazine sales and rely 100% on donations to help them support Big Issue vendors with the vital services they provide.

What makes The Big Issue Foundation different

The charity is unique because it gives people the means to an income as well as providing the support they need to stay independent and on-track so that they can fulfil their potential and make a meaningful contribution to society. Simultaneously, the charity also supports organisations seeking to improve statutory provision for homeless people, and open up pathways into employment. It's also important for the Foundation to educate the public about the real reasons why people end up on the streets.

Other ways to support

Buy a copy of the weekly Big Issue magazine from your local vendor. You can also support Big Issue vendors by volunteering and participating in an event.


1-5 Wandsworth Road

Contact Number

020 7526 3454