YMCA Milton Keynes

Supporting young people to belong, contribute and thrive.

Their fundamental pledge

Did you know...

We are a financially and legally independent Charity. The only emergency bed accommodation for 18-34 years of age in Milton Keynes.

Each year 1000 people come to us for emergency accommodation, we are only able to help approx.300 through our 23 bed emergency hostel and 123 flats. Apart from providing accommodation, we also provide a learning and activities programme which is designed to help our young people belong, contribute and thrive.

What makes YMCA Milton Keynes different

We are the only charity in Milton Keynes that provides emergency accommodation for 18-34 year old

Other ways to support

Volunteer, participate in our fundraising events, raise awareness of homelessness and the many different reasons for it.


North 6th Street
Milton Keynes



Contact Number

01908 295600