There are children across the UK who face christmas without food, warmth and love. Action for children protect and support children from before they are born until they are into their twenties. The charity was founded in 1869 and since then has worked tirelessly to bring lasting improvement to the lives of children ensuring they are not neglected. Whilst the charity does a great job, the number of children living under poverty in the UK is currently 4.1 million so they need your generosity to continue making an impact.

How donations help the charity?

£10 helps pay for a child to have a hot meal at Christmas. A monthly donation will pay for emergency overnight accommodation for a homeless child.

£25 buys presents for a child who would otherwise miss out this Christmas.

£40 pays for vital warm winter clothes for a child this Christmas.

You might be surprised to hear…

Up to 690 children in England are at risk of domestic violence every day. Children do not just ‘witness’ domestic abuse they experience it!

Action for children supports over 387,000 children.

11,000 children have had improved mental health in 2017/18 because of Action for children.

How to go the extra mile?

Fundraise for Action for Children

Volunteer with the charity

Support their campaigns


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