BIRD is a cross art form mentoring, personal development and wellbeing programme for 16-25 year olds, based on one-to-one creative sessions carefully designed to:

  • Build genuine long lasting mentoring relationships, based on trust and rapport.

  • Improve and sustain wellbeing.

  • Be a powerful catalyst for self-reflection and personal development.

  • Develop creative skills

  • Provide a space where young people feel safe, heard, appreciated and encouraged.

Did you know...

BIRD artists benefit from:

  • Positive reinforcement of their inherent value

  • Positive affirmation and acknowledgement of their creative gifts.

  • Building a trusting relationship with an older wiser mentor.

  • Free space especially for them, to exercise their creativity free from judgement and/or censorship.

  • One-to-one attention from a skilled creative practitioner

Our belief in creativity as a powerful practice for improving and sustaining wellbeing and as a powerful catalyst for self-reflection and personal development is key to the practical difference we are making in young peoples lives.

A creative process like songwriting and recording is a very natural incubator for rapport and trust; enabling us to build meaningful mentoring relationships and to contribute positively to the lives of our young artists. The combination of the nature of the creative process and the one-to-one relationships we are building with young people through that process, is a powerful intervention in preventing stress and mental heath issues developing.

What makes BIRD different

Wherever possible BIRD emphasis it’s values (Brilliance, Integrity, Relationship, Delight); explicitly, as inspiration for the creative process or implicitly in the way we operate and behave. We maintain that the consideration of these particular values encourage our young artists to expand the ways in which they think and to:

  • Acknowledge who they are (Brilliance)

  • Be true to who they are (Integrity)

  • Share who they are (Relationship)

  • Sustain who they are. (Delight)

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