The purpose of Clean Slate is to provide support to adult victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in Oxfordshire. We aim to empower these people with skills that help them cope with daily life while dealing with the emotional struggles of their past. Did you know...

Sexual, domestic and emotional abuse tends to hide in the shadows of our communities. The NSPCC reported 57,000 children requiring protection in 2015. Last year, in Oxfordshire alone there were 4312 reports of sexual violence, and over 46,000 cases of domestic abuse. The abuse can vary in duration, but the emotional scarring tends to last a lifetime and many problems don’t surface until later on in life. These problems arise in many forms such as mental health issues; unemployment; difficulty forming relationships, and drug and alcohol abuse. In effect, these people can easily drop out of our communities.


These psychological problems are often deeply ingrained. Currently the NHS will offer a set number of free counselling appointments and these often only scratch the surface. There is a huge demand for free longer-term support.

Dealing with the mental health side of the problem is vital. However, this will take time and there is a real need for these people to gain practical skills to deal with certain situations they often find themselves in.

What makes Clean Slate different

At Clean Slate, we aim to provide an integrated approach, dealing with emotional support as well as teaching practical skills to cope with day-to-day life.

We are currently the only service in Oxfordshire that provides long-term counselling to these people. As a result of this we have built up working relationships with local professionals. We are now accepting referrals from doctors, mental health teams, the police, social services as well as self-referrals.

Each client has an initial assessment. A personal pathway is drawn up, which sets achievable goals and this is then continually assessed throughout the process. One to one counselling is provided alongside enrolment on certain programmes depending on the specific needs of our client. These programmes often deal with very specific problems but will broadly fit into four categories: -

Improving health and wellbeing.

Improving integration into society.

Increasing personal safety and perception of safety.

Improving experience of the criminal justice system.


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