Equality Now

We believe that social change begins with legal change. We help advance women's and girls' rights because when treated equally, everyone wins.

Everyday, women and girls around the world face violence and discrimination. Sexual exploitation, harmful cultural practices and systemic inequalities violate their human rights and prevent them from reaching their potential. This kind of inequality is bad for everyone, not just for women: research shows that where women and girls are treated unfairly, there is more societal conflict and less economic stability.

Did you know...

  • Equality Now has offices in Nairobi, London, New York City and Equality Now will soon be opening an office in the Middle East / Northern Africa region.

  • They push for laws and policies that protect women from violence and for justice systems that work. Over a lifetime, one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence - regardless of age, background or country.

  • Adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable to violence and discrimination because of their limited legal rights and ability to protect themselves. Equality Now makes sure that girls can get justice when their rights are violated and that girls and their communities are educated on girls’ rights.

  • Female Genital Mutilation is a global issue. In 2016, UNICEF reported that over 200 million girls and women had undergone FGM, and 30 million are at risk over the next decade.

  • Equality Now takes strategically-selected cases to court in pursuit of legal precedents (strategic litigation) that will create real change in individual girls’ lives and for millions of girls around the world.

What makes Equality Now different

Equality Now uses the law to change the world.

A country’s laws set the tone for how it treats its people, and how the people treat each other. When women and girls have fewer rights than men and boys, violence and discrimination are legitimised and ignored. That’s why Equality Now uses a unique combination of legal advocacy, regional partnership-building and community mobilisation to encourage governments to adopt, improve and enforce laws that protect and promote the rights of women and girls around the world. Equality Now also uses strategic litigation to promote equality and set legal precedents.

By taking to court individual cases that are significant to a larger cause, they help to change laws and hold governments accountable for ending inequality - creating a happier, better, safer future for everyone.

Other ways to support

You can sign up to join Equality Now’s network of activists on their website. This network sends letters, petitions and messages to leaders everyday asking them to promote equality for women and girls and uphold a commitment to ending injustice.


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