The Charity believes that social change cannot happen without legal change. They are an advocate of women's and girls' rights because a world without discrmination is a world where everyone wins.

Women and girls around the world face violence and discrimination constantly. Human rights are being violated through sexual exploitation, harmful cultural practices and systemic inequalities which prevent women from reaching their full potential. This form of inequality is detrimental for society and impacts people on a broader scale. As a result, there is less economic stability and greater societal conflict. This is why Equality Now still need your donations to carry on bringing social change.

You may be surprised to know...

Equality Now has offices internationally in Nairobi, London and New York City. Their aim is to expand their work into the Middle East and Northern Africa region. They can only achieve this with your continued generous support.

Over a lifetime, One in three women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime - regardless of their circumstances. This is why Equality Now get to the root cause of the problem by fighting for laws that protect women from violence.

Young girls are particularly vulnerable to violence and discrimination because of their limited legal rights and ability to protect themselves. Equality Now ensures that girls can get justice when their rights are violated and that women are educated on these rights.

Equality Now takes specific cases to court in pursuit of setting legal precedents (strategic litigation) that will create real change for millions of girls around the world.

Female Genital Mutilation is a bigger issue than people think and Equality Now exists to stop injustices such as these. In 2016, over 200 million women had undergone FGM according to UNICEF. This is why the Charity still need your generosity to win this battle.

Why is Equality Now different

Equality Now uses the legal system as a starting point to change the world and tackles the root cause first. They have successfully changed 50+ sex discriminatory laws. For Example, in 2007 they reframed FGM as violence not culture!

A country’s formal practices creates a precedent for how it treats its people, and thus how the people ultimately treat each other. When women are brought up with fewer rights than men, violence and discrimination are legitimised and dismissed. This is why Equality Now uses strategic methods such as legal advocacy, partnership-building and by holding governments accountable to improve laws so legal standards can be set which result in gender equality.

Their strategy is to take large individual cases as case studies to court and this can help to change laws and hold governments accountable for ending inequality. A life without inequality is happier, better and safer for everyone. When laws change in 1 country this can help for the same to happen in another country.

Other ways to show support

Join Equality Now’s network of activists on their website. This network sends letters, petitions and messages to leaders everyday asking them to promote equality for women and girls and uphold a commitment to ending injustice.

Another way to show the Charity support is by hosting your very own event such as gatherings, film screenings and sporting marathons. It is an effective way of spreading the word of equality while having fun at the same time! This your chance to get creative!


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