Happy Days Children’s Charity is the small charity making a big difference, working with communities across the UK to give courageous children coping with adversity a fantastic respite break or magical experience.

Did you know...

Last year Happy Days supported over 23,000 children with additional needs by gifting special days such as trips to the seaside, theatres, zoos, museums, outdoor activity centres, sporting events and other educational and cultural activities.

For young people struggling with mobility issues, we bring the magic to them by arranging hundreds of memorable experiences, shows and workshops at SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools and support groups every year.

As well as helping families and groups, we’re proud to offer our support to other charities including children’s hospitals and hospice’s, local women’s refuges and victim support services, to name a few.

What makes Happy Days Children's Charity different

Happy Days understands that a simple respite can make just as much difference as a grand trip abroad and our mission is to help as many children as possible with a special day. Activities that can cost as little as £10 but make real difference to the children’s development and confidence.

We support children coping with extra challenges in life including those with learning difficulties, physical or mental disabilities and with acute, chronic or life-limiting illnesses.

We also help those who have been abused or neglected, witnessed domestic violence, been bereaved or act as carers for family members.

Other ways to support

Happy Days is a small charity doing great things, but we’re not a household name quite yet. We could benefit hugely from free publicity such as a logo on a website, or promotional support such as free advertising space.

We also rely on volunteers to spread the work about what we do, but could really benefit from volunteers who could commit to a few hours a week to represent us in their own communities, and help encourage support.


The Glover Centre, Bury Mead Rd

Contact Number

01462 530 710