Headway East London has been supporting people affected by brain injury across 13 London boroughs since 1997. We offer specialist support and services to survivors and their family, whilst also campaigning for greater public awareness. Our vision is to build a community where people with brain injury are valued, respected and able to fulfil their potential.

Did you know...

  • Headway East London is the only provider of its kind in inner London

  • It is estimated that there are at least 100,000 people living in London with the long term effects of a severe brain injury (more than the capacity of Wembley stadium!)

  • All the people we work with have acquired their brain injury in adulthood – for example through a road traffic accident, stroke, assault or illness

  • The World Health Organisation predicts that brain injury will be among the biggest causes of disability globally by the year 2020

Headway East London Headway East London

What makes Headway East London different

Headway East London is a unique and special community, collaborating with members and placing their hopes and motivations at the heart of our work. Despite profound disabilities, our members can and wish to contribute to society and Headway empowers them to do so in a sustainable way.

Headway East London Headway East London

Other ways to support

Take part in our Pay For A Day campaign

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Timber Wharf Blcok B, 238-240 Kingsland Road
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