Hop, Skip & Jump was founded in 1982 to provide respite day care for children and young adults with disabilities. Our founder, Clarissa Mitchell, saw the need for our service after a conversation with a dear friend who had a daughter with polio. This mother had been caring for her daughter for 42 years without a day’s break, and was struggling to cope with the stress. Our charity exists to give carers like her a much needed rest, and ensure families always have somewhere to turn when they need help.

Did you know...

There are 73,000 children and young people with a disability in the UK. Many of these children have severe or complex conditions.

Roughly a third of our children and young people require specialist 1:1 care, because of the complexity of their needs.

By acting as a safety net for families at risk of breakdown, we have prevented a number of children from going in to full-time social care.

We also provide alternative learning for children who have been excluded from mainstream schools for any reason, including emotional, social or behavioural difficulties.

What makes Hop, Skip & Jump different

Hop, Skip & Jump’s service is entirely unique in the UK. We are the only provision other than A&E who will never turn a child away, no matter how complex their needs.

Our centres have a lot to offer, including outdoor play equipment, indoor soft play, sensory rooms, art and music equipment and a wet room. The staff are highly trained, and always responsive to the needs of children, parents and carers.

Other ways to support

Volunteer or work at one of our centres, to help with play sessions, events and other things we need help with. Take part in sponsored marathons and other events to raise money.

Arranging partnerships with local businesses and organisations that can offer us advice and other help.

Help to spread the word about us, online and otherwise, by interacting with us on social media or handing out leaflets, to increase awareness of what we do.


Avening Park, Avening

Contact Number

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