Human Care Syria was established in 2011 in response to the humanitarian crisis in and around war-torn Syria.

The charity works tirelessly to send medical aid and non-food packages including winter hats, gloves and socks. Ultimately, their mission is to deliver aid and development programmes to the countries and people who need it most; regardless of religion, sex, age or ethnic background.

Did you know...

Over 7.6 million Syrians are currently displaced and there are 12.2 million Syrians in need of urgent assistance. With the harsh winter fast approaching, 6.3 million Syrians are being forced to live in very harsh conditions which can ultimately be the cause of a huge loss of life.

What makes Human Care Syria different?

Human Care Syria educate their stakeholders on current affairs to do with the suffering of Syrians on the ground, direct from their local offices. Being a Syrian charity operating in Syria, Human Care Syria have a thorough understanding of the challenges presented geographically within the nation. They know what, where and when it is needed and that is critical when it comes to survival of those in need.

Other ways to support

Volunteer to fundraise for Human Care Syria and get involved in campaigns. The charity wants to widen its volunteer pool and increase activity across the UK and Europe.


Alperton House, Bridgwater Road

Contact Number

020 7118 9596