Irise International works to support the education and empowerment of women and girls in the UK and East Africa. The charity believes in listening and responding to the voices of women and girls to identify neglected barriers to their empowerment and develop effective solutions. We currently focus on supporting adolescent girls to stay in school and creating income generating opportunities for marginalised women by providing school girls with the sanitary products and health information they need to stay in school during their periods via engaging local women in making and selling sanitary products and training communities to support girls.

Did you know...

• In 2016, we helped 70,000 girls in East Africa to gain knowledge about their reproductive health and/or access affordable sanitary products to help them stay in school all month long.

• Irise was founded in response to a direct appeal from East African girls to provide them with information about their periods and access to affordable sanitary products in order to help them stay in school.

• As well as direct project delivery and providing training for other organisations, Irise is also involved in academic research to better understand the effects of our programs and how we can help our beneficiaries.

What makes Irise International different

We are dedicated to developing replicable and evidence-based solutions to issues women and girls face reaching their full potential. We partner with universities to use techniques borrowed form the world of public health to develop and refine interventions that really work. We share everything we learn with anyone looking to help women and girls and publish all our resources under an open source license free for non-profit use.

Other ways to support

Visit their get involved page for information about how to support their work, or their volunteering section for information on their latest voluntary and paid opportunities.


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