mothers2mothers is an Africa-based, global non-profit organisation that unlocks the potential of mothers to break the cycle of paediatric AIDS and create healthy families and communities. mothers2mothers trains, employs, and empowers local mothers living with HIV as Mentor Mothers, frontline healthcare workers based in understaffed health clinics and within communities.  Their intimate understanding of the social and cultural challenges facing HIV-positive and negative women who are their peers makes them uniquely effective in providing education and support on HIV and other critical health issues.

Since 2001, mothers2mothers has reached more than 1.3 million HIV-positive women across nine African countries.

Did you know...

• The transmission of the HIV virus from a mother to her baby is almost entirely preventable

• Mother-to- child transmission of HIV has been virtually eliminated among mothers2mothers’ clients according to UN Global Plan guidelines.

• 1 in 4 HIV-positive women who delivered their babies in countries supported by mothers2mothers received education and support from a Mentor Mother.

• An external cost benefit analysis of mothers2mothers’ programme in Uganda demonstrated the high return on investment mothers2mothers delivers. For every $1 spent on mothers2mothers’ programmes, savings of $11.40 are achieved in averted treatment costs.

• Our model is recommended as best practice by UNAIDS.

What makes m2m different

Unlike other charities, mothers2mothers not only identifies a problem, namely mother-to- child transmission of HIV, but also offers a simple, low-cost, and highly effective solution: training, employing and empowering local women to support and educate other mothers living in their communities.

mothers2mothers utilises local, on-the- ground expertise in order to guarantee the biggest impact possible for the local communities in which our Mentor Mothers work. Our Mentor Mothers’ intimate understanding of the social and cultural challenges of living with HIV in sub-Saharan African communities gives them the unique ability to form trusted relationships with other women living through the same shared experiences.

Other ways to support

• Sign up for one of our UK challenge events, such as Prudential RideLondon or the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon.

• Attend one of our Fundraising events – past events have ranged from one-day shop ups to an intimate performance by Annie Lennox to celebrate mothers2mothers’ 15-year anniversary.

• Or set up your own fundraising event – from pub quizzes to Zumba classes.

• Finally, you can also apply to be a Global Ambassador. In return, mothers2mothers will keep you involved with the latest developments, invitations to exclusive events and the chance to visit one of our sites in Africa.


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