Penny Brohn is the UK's leading charity specialising in helping people to live well with the impact of cancer through psychological, physical and emotional support - the whole person approach.

The charity understands that being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most overwhelming and challenging experiences anyone can face. This is why it exists to help people build resilience and embrace life to its fullest.

For 40 years Penny Brohn has been showing people how healthy eating, staying active, managing their stress and reconnecting with the things they love can make a big difference to their health and wellbeing. Bringing together both medical advice and complementary approaches, the charity find the best of what works for each individual and help them find what they need, to live as well as they can.

How donations can help the charity…

£15 provides help to organise a weekly group activity (i.e. Nordic Walking).

£24 will facilitate one counseling session.

£50 will assist an attendance to Treatment Support Clinic.

You might be surprised to hear…

£4.70 has been raised for every £1 spent!

£416,000 has been generated through partnerships with organisations such as GenesisCare, Macmillan and University of Bristol.

11,500 hours have been given by their kind volunteers saving over £90K in salaries.

10,000 sponsored miles have been walked, run and cycled.

80% of the charity’s clients have made lifestyle changes and 48% of them experience a clinically meaningful improvement in their activation to health.

It has provided 23,000 nourishing, healthy meals to their clients and supporters.

How to go the extra mile?

Penny Brohn relies on voluntary donations so is need of your generous support! Anything a person does or any amount that is raised will help someone live well with cancer. Help can range from holding or attending an event such as the charity’s half marathon in bath to volunteering for the charity. No matter how much or little time someone chooses to give, it all makes a difference to the charity.


Chapel Pill Lane, Pill
BS20 0HH

Contact Number

0303 300 0118