From 1832 onwards, the Retail Trust has been caring for and protecting the lives of people working in retail. We believe the health of our colleagues is the foundation they need to flourish in both work and life, creating a more sustainable and successful future for retail.

Did you know...

The story of the Retail Trust started at The London Coffee House on Tuesday, 3 January 1832. We now believe this to be the site of the Jamaica Wine House in St Michael’s Alley, Cornhill.

Following the founding meeting of the Linen, Drapers, Silk-Mercers, Haberdashers, Hosiers & Lacemen Institution (as the Retail Trust was originally known) the Times reported: “The founders of the institution were men whose conditions in society, and relations with their mercantile fellow-men, placed them beyond the possibility of having any other view than to establish such a confederacy of good feeling and right principle among the members of several walks of business as would produce a rich and lasting harvest of advantage to others."

And while a lot may have changed since our foundation at The London Coffee House in 1832, essentially we remain the same. To create hope, health and happiness for everyone in retail.

What makes Retail Trust different

From frontline workers to senior leaders, whether at the start or end of your retail career, we put people at the heart of everything we do.

Health and wellbeing is the foundation we all need to flourish in work and life. It is also critical to the ongoing success of retail. We are here to passionately champion the health of retail.

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