The RSPCA is the largest and most recognised animal welfare charity in the UK. They’re also the oldest animal charity around, going back to 1824, and really came to prominence in the early 1900s when animals were used in the First and Second world wars.

The RSPCA relies on donations to keep rescuing and rehabilitating animals that need them the most. Animals are often abused, abandoned and/or neglected by their owners, and the RSPCA finds them when they’re at their weakest and lowest points in their lives. The RSPCA is also the only charity in the UK that prosecutes abusive and neglectful owners.

They take around 3,000 calls a day about welfare, cruelty and neglect, and they also take in around 240 animals per day into their care.

Ending Cruelty

One of the RSPCA’s aims is to end animal cruelty, which is broken down into two parts: investigating and prosecuting. The charity hires specialist inspectors who look into complaints made by the public, and are usually able to resolve a large proportion of complaints by giving advice and assistance to support people that need help looking after their pet. Unfortunately, there are more serious cases that require further action and a case file to be built, which then gets transferred to the prosecuting team to be reviewed.

Educating an animal-friendly generation

The charity’s vision is a world where no animals suffers unnecessarily. They firmly believe that preventing animal cruelty is one of the best ways to achieve this vision, and the best place to start is instilling kindness towards animals

They’ve been supporting teachers in developing, responsible and active citizens through free lesson plans and teaching resources on top of great materials for assemblies and school councils. There are 9 innovative programmes and overall known as “Generation Kind", focused on three areas:

  • Young people in schools

  • Disadvantaged youths

  • Young offenders

Dates for the calendar

24th April - World Day for Lab Animals

4th October - World Animal Day

Other ways to support

For anyone looking for an enjoyable hands-on and rewarding way of giving back to the charity, the RSPCA offers a wide range of volunteering roles. Anybody can volunteer for their local RSPCA branch or animal centre, whether it’s cleaning cages, painting, gardening or helping out with admin.

If anybody feeling inspired wishes to sign up, take a look at the vacancy section of their website to find what opportunities are available near you. In fact, here’s a great example of how Savoo staff spent a day with the RSPCA.


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