We don’t underestimate people. SeeAbility provides extraordinary support and champions better eye care for people with learning disabilities and autism, many of whom have sight loss. Registered as The Royal School for the Blind, SeeAbility is one of the oldest disability charities in the UK and has pioneered specialist support for over 200 years.

Did you know...

Children with learning disabilities are 28 times more likely than other children to have serious sight problems.

Adults with learning disabilities are 10 times more likely than other adults to have serious sight problems.

These sight problems too often go undiagnosed and become worse because people with disabilities need specially adjusted sight tests which are not readily available, or support focusses on other disabilities, or people are unable to communicate that they can’t see well. But most sight problems are treatable if caught early enough.

SeeAbility is working to change this inequality of access and educate others on the importance of eye care for people with disabilities.

SeeAbility was founded in 1799 as The Royal School for the Blind.

What makes SeeAbility different

We take a holistic approach: our rehabilitation teams, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists work in collaboration with each other to ensure we are providing consistent and effective support. We are specialists in supporting people who have visual impairment as well as other disabilities and we share this knowledge proactively.

Other ways to support

Supporters could help promote our Children in Focus campaign, participate in a challenge event (e.g. London Marathon or Ride London) for SeeAbility, nominate us to be their company’s charity partner, or volunteer with us.


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Contact Number

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