​One in ten children, or 220 million children worldwide, are growing up without the loving care of a parent or the support they need as children. This puts the child’s emotional, physical, and mental development – and thus his or her future – at serious risk.

SOS Children’s Villages is the world’s largest charity working with orphaned and abandoned children. We work towards every child growing up in a loving family home, whether it is with the child’s biological family or a new SOS family, so that they flourish and reach their full potential. SOS Children’s Villages supports vulnerable children, as well as fragmented families, in 125 countries across five continents.

• We prevent children from ending up alone by supporting fragile families

• We provide long-term family care for lone children in SOS Children’s Villages

• We provide quality education and healthcare in these communities

• We ensure children’s rights are protected wherever possible

• We care for and protect children during crisis and disaster

Did you know...

As a leading organisation in the development of the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, we are global experts when it comes to safeguarding children without, or at risk of losing, parental care.

As well as creating SOS families in our Children’s Villages we help local families to stay together through our “family strengthening programmes". These aim to prevent family breakdown and child abandonment.

What makes SOS Children's Villages UK

Our holistic approach. When a child loses everything, SOS Children’s Villages is there to give them a home, a mother and a family. We provide homes where children grow up from infancy to adulthood. Homes with an SOS mother and siblings. This is what makes SOS Children’s Villages unique. We keep biological siblings together.

Other ways to support

Organising a charity event on our behalf, spreading the word of what we do, volunteering, organising a community group to fundraise and raise awareness, choosing SOS UK as the charity of the year in their working place


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