The Girls' Network aims to empower and inspire girls from the least advantaged communities in England to be ambitious, achieve their potential and create a better future for themselves. We focus on developing their knowledge, skills, outlook and confidence and establish an ongoing network of professionals and peers, from which they can draw.

Did you know...

We match girls one-to-one with a professional woman, and work across London, the South Coast, Birmingham, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcasttle. Last year, 100% girls grew in their curiosity, confidence, communication, resilience, motivation, & self-belief.

What makes The Girls' Network different

We focus our support on girls from the least-advantaged communities around the country. We are building a network of women and girls, committed to ensuring that girls can be ambitious and successful in whatever it is that they are passionate about. They should not be limited because of their gender or where they were born.

Other ways to support

Mentoring, providing work experience or workshops, connecting us with schools or organisations that might want to work with us.


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