The Nehemiah Project

Nehemiah works with vulnerable men with a history of addiction, often including crime and homelessness. We support them in their recovery and abstinence, seeking a new direction in life, free of addiction. Men live in our residence and follow a CBT-based programme with process groups, education sessions and keywork We encourage them to see a therapist, take on a mentor, and to attend regular addiction support groups eg AA or NA. Having graduated from the programme, men move into our move-on house, where they undertake meaningful activities – training, education, volunteering, or work, until they areready to live independently.

Did you know...

Nearly all the men we work with come from backgrounds with multiple hardships – care, abuse, family breakdown, bereavement. Addiction provides a means of escape from these hardships, but then becomes a problem in its own right. It is almost impossible to break free of addiction on one’s own, so Nehemiah provides the structure and support for our Residents to understand why they became addicted in the first place, and how to change their behaviours so that they have a toolkit to use when they might find themselves in danger of returning to old behaviours. They can then make informed choices about their future.

What makes The Nehemiah Project different

All our staff believe that our clients all have the potential to change their lives, and we all offer them support in making that change and achieving their goals. Men live in our residence while following the daily programme, and our office is located there, so that all staff interact daily with our clients, creating a homely, supportive environment that enhances the men’s chances of succeeding in their recovery. We understand that men have to change their whole lives, not just their addiction, in order to overcome their previous behaviours and achieve the new goals they have set.

Other ways to support

Volunteers bring valuable contributions to our work, and extend our Residents’ contact with the wider world. We accept volunteers to help with the programme – teaching computer literacy, cooking, mending, and other practical skills.

We also welcome teams of volunteers who can help with decorating or gardening on nominated volunteer days. We are always looking for volunteers to run the marathon or ride the Prudential 100k bike ride – we have bond places for both. As we receive no statutory funding, fundraising activities are always a welcome contribution to our work – cake sales, whatever someone enjoys doing.

You could also take part in the London Marathon!


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