UKPIPS is a charity which offers advice, information, and support to people living with a Primary Immune Deficiency and those who care for them. Primary Immune Deficiency is a hereditary or genetic condition in which part of the body’s immune system doesn’t function properly or is missing completely. While some disorders are present at birth, in some circumstances the condition can become apparent later in life, regardless of age or gender.

Through provision of support, education and practical advice, UKPIPS aims to promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of Primary Antibody Deficiency and other primary immune deficiencies in the UK.

Did you know...

They are managed and run entirely by patients, for patients, and have grown to become a well-respected patient support organisation. They aim to make the lives of people living with these little-known illnesses easier through their range of support service and their relationship with related charities, doctor and nurse’s organisations, the NHS, hospitals, Governmental Departments and pharmaceutical companies.

What makes UKPIPS different

UKPIPS employ just one admin worker for ten hours a week. All other roles are carried out on a voluntary basis by both volunteers and patients themselves. People living with PID are often unable to continue in employment despite having relevant skills and abilities. Often, they find using these skills to support their charity improves their self-esteem.

Other ways to support

Aside from supporting UKPIPS through Savoo, supporters can help by volunteering to undertake projects or take up positions within the organisation suitable to their skills and abilities. One of the main needs they have is for people to help them increase awareness of Primary Immune Deficiencies in order to prevent the delay in diagnosis, which is currently around six years. Promoting awareness would also help ensure that they no longer suffer discrimination due to ignorance about their illness.

You can also visit their website to find out more about how else you can support UKPIPS.


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