University of Salford

The Salford Advantage Fund which is owned and run by the University of Salford exists to transform lives, stimulate discovery, and remove financial barriers to education; and support is directed to wherever it is needed

The most important areas are:

  • The Salford Institute for Dementia – which is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with the condition

  • Inspiring Salford – mentoring high school children, providing positive role models and academic support

  • Supporting Students – providing annual student bursaries and emergency financial support to those experiencing financial difficulties

  • Campus Initiatives – enhancing the student experience through community outreach and campus development projects

Did you know...

The Salford Advantage Fund directly supports the University’s mission to transform lives, stimulate discovery and help all student's realise their potential. Salford is an ambitious University, with all 20,000 students contributing enormously to the local economy and helping us transform the lives of individuals and communities through excellent teaching, research, innovation and engagement.

The University of Salford believes that education is a force for good, and access to higher education should be open to all, regardless of financial background. The need to support students financially has never been greater, as over 40% of the universities students are from low participation backgrounds. Their proud heritage and reputation for widening participation and offering financial support to those who need it most (particularly care-leavers and first-in-family students) is unrivalled.

Salford also has an international reputation as a research-informed institution and leaders in areas such as health, energy, media and the built environment.

What makes University of Salford different?

The Uni aims for real world impact in all that they do. Last year , they changed the lives of 42 gifted students by awarding them a Salford Advantage Fund Bursary. And in the words of one of their hardship grant recipients, “It’s inspirational to know that there are people out there who genuinely care and are changing lives".

The Salford Institute for Dementia designs dementia-friendly buildings, gardens, urban spaces and transport networks where those with the condition and their carers can live with meaning and purpose. The external advisory board includes members currently living with dementia in order to advise and shape the work of the institute in supporting those living with the condition in our communities.

"...the Salford Institute for Dementia... is today in the forefront of the dementia-friendly movement in the UK." – THE TIMES

Their applied focus means that they are amongst the top 5 institutions in the UK for industry partnerships, and much of the Uni's research is focussed on creating and applying new ideas, and turning them into opportunities to benefit individuals and the knowledge economy.

Other ways to support

Opportunities to enhance the experience of the university's students are also important in helping ensure they have a well rounded education and are able to contribute fully to society. Supporters can assist with this by offering student work placements and graduate career opportunities and providing live project briefs.

There are also opportunities to volunteer for the Salford Institute for Dementia based at the university, or to become a Dementia Friend.


Office of University Advancement, Alumni House, Acton Square
M5 4NY

Contact Number

0161 295 6538